Situation In Gaza "Unacceptable", Prime Minister Says

Doha , November 19 (QNA) – HE the Prime Minister and Foreign Minister Sheikh Hamad bin Jassim bin Jabor Al Thani said Monday that the situation in Gaza was unacceptable from the Arab perspective. HE the Prime Minister noted the Arab and international position from Israeli aggression on Gaza was different than in 2008.
 HE the Prime Minister was speaking at a joint press conference held with Italian Prime Minister Mario Monti. HE Sheikh Hamad bin Jassim bin Jabor Al Thani said that the words of HH the Emir Sheikh Hamad bin Khalifa Al Thani to Al Jazeera channel yesterday showed that Arabs have changed since 2008 and are now in agreement on what should be done in Gaza and that what is taking place now was unacceptable. HE the Prime Minister said that back in 2008 there were differing views in the Arab world on what should be done. Nowadays, His Excellency the Premier and Foreign Minister added, the international community are at least in agreement.
 HE the Prime Minister warned of the unjust Gaza siege becoming always the spark, His Excellency also warned that more than 1.7 million live in Gaza  were living under siege,  stressing  that it was a shame that the World would accept such a siege.  He said such acts by Israel would be  a reason for terrorism and extremism..
 HE the Prime Minister called for lifting the siege on Gaza and its people and noted that the Israeli actions were the reasons that led to terrorism. His Excellency then renewed his statement that the Arab world was supporting a fair and comprehensive peace and an end to aggression in Gaza.
 For his part, the Italian Prime Minister Monti expressed his dismay at the events in Gaza. He said that the Italian administration was concerned about the escalation and violence in Gaza, adding that they were in touch with Egyptian President Mohammed Morsy, Israeli Prime Minister and the Palestinian Authority on that regard.
 He also said that he had held talks with HH the Emir and HE the Prime Minister and Foreign Minister to discuss the situation in Gaza. Monti stressed on the importance of reaching a ceasefire in a way that would allow the launch of the peace process afterwards. He noted that the State of Qatar and Italy agreed in that regard.  
HE the Prime Minister Sheikh Hamad bin Jassim bin Jabor Al Thani and his Italian counterpart Mario Monti both praised bilateral ties between Qatar and Italy and expressed their aspiration to strengthen these ties, particularly in economic and investment fields.
 HE the Prime Minister described the bilateral relations between Doha and Rome as “close and strong”, especially in the economic and political fields. His Excellency said that the relationship was reflected in the cooperation they had during the liberation of Libya. HE the Prime Minister and Foreign Minister noted that Italy is  an important partner to the State of Qatar.
 HE the Prime Minister also noted that economic ties increased considerably over the last 10 years. His Excellency said that the investment agreement that was signed between Qatar Capital and the Italian Strategic Fund reflected the two countries’ aspiration to enhance relations. HE the Prime Minister said that the agreement also reflected the two countries’   confidence in the Italian economy and the reforms made by the Italian Prime Minister which encourage investors to invest in Italy.
 On the same subject, Monti stressed on the importance of cooperation between Italy and Qatar. He said that he had fruitful talks in this regard with HH the Emir Sheikh Hamad bin Khalifa Al Thani. Monti also stressed that Qatar had a pivotal role in the region and on the international stage when it came to economy, finance and international affairs.
 He said that bilateral relations between the two countries had many facets and was beginning to increase in the investment field. He expressed his delight at the agreement that was signed today.
 The Italian Prime Minister said that the Italian administration was keen to make sure that the Italian investment were running smoothly, stressing  keenness to attract long term foreign investment into Italy, he added.
Regarding the talks held by the Italian Premier in Doha, HE the prime Minister and Foreign Minister Sheikh Hamad bin Jassim bin Jabor Al Thani said that they  discussed all the bilateral ties and the areas in which the two countries can cooperate including the investment issues, noting that the near future will witness several technical meetings to develop them, particularly after signing the 2 billion Euros investment cooperation agreement today.
 He pointed out that there is an other economic agreement, on small and medium industries, of 1 billion Euros with Qatar contributing half of it, stressing that these agreements are economically feasible.
 HE the Premier described the meeting between HH the Emir, Sheikh Hamad bin Khalifa Al Thani and the Italian Prime Minister as (Positive and Important), explaining that it covered bilateral relations as well as political matters between the two countries and those in the region.
 Answering a question on whether Gaza Strip developments would drew the world’s attention away from the Syrian crisis, he said that the situations in Syria and Gaza are totally different, pointing to that Assad’s regime has killed around 50 thousand Syrians, other than the wounded and prisoners.
 He carried on saying that Syrians made  their decision to change and that Qatar supports this decision, “Some will think that what is happening in Gaza will draw attention from what is happening in Syria, but I do not expect that,” he said.
 On whether Doha would accept an ambassador of the Syrian National Coalition, HE Sheikh Hamad bin Jassim bin Jabor Al Thani said that the matter is being positively examined. However, he stressed that it is more important in the stage to develop and enhance the Coalition.
 For his part, the Italian Prime Minister Mario Monti praised unifying the Syrian opposition in one body at Doha, describing that as a commendable, significant and important step towards achieving the sought goal. He noted Qatar’s efforts in this contest and its tireless work for bringing all the factions of the Syrian opposition in one coalition.
 Monti stressed that his country recognizes the Syrian National Coalition as the representative of the Syrian people, and that the Italian Foreign Ministry is studying the post recognition steps. 

Answering a question by Qatar News Agency (QNA) about whether reaching a truce would prevent another aggression on Gaza and what kind of guarantees should be there in this truce if reached, HE Sheikh Hamad bin Jassim bin Jabor Al Thani voiced deep regret for the fact that Israel is treated as “a special case in the Security Council and in dealing with some of our friends.”
      The Arab and international positions are in favor of sustaining the truce, if reached, His Excellency said, adding that this is what began to surface clearly.
 These Israeli attacks are unjustified and Israel’s intransigent attitude towards returning the rights to their owners are unjustified as well, His Excellency said.
 He stressed that all of these issues are met by strong Arab pressure in terms of dealing with them.
 He pointed out that the truce must be accompanied by a clear UN Security Council’s decision to return the rights to their owners, while noting that the Security Council is paralyzed on this issue.
      On Qatar’s support for Gaza, he said it is limited to humanitarian aid and reconstruction but excludes armaments. He stressed that the only solution to the Palestinian cause is a fair decision from the Security Council and the international community, pointing out that what can help in securing such a just decision is to have a unified and strong Arab stance on this issue.
      His Excellency praised the new reforms that have been made in Italy, led by Prime Minister, adding that the European Union as well as the world laud Italy for the decisive steps taken in the development of its economic system.
      He explained that the first installment that Qatar will transfer with regard to today’s agreement is 300 million euros, pointing out that there are other advanced and positive projects but struggling and Qatar is studying to invest in them.
      He noted that Qatar has an ambitious 1 billion euros plan for its investments in Italy’s Sardinia region in order to develop its all resorts there while taking into account the region’s nature as well as the laws that forbid to change the nature. “We are studying with our Italians friends how to get licenses to start these projects.”

The Italian Prime Minister Mario Monti said his country will continue to encourage other countries to invest in Italy after the national elections that will be staged there, noting that his government will pursue  its structural reforms and inviting investments to be pumped into the country’s economy.
  Monti said Qatar’s investments in Sardinia are important to the island’s economy .
  He recalled that he discussed with HH the Emir Sheikh Hamad Bin Khalifa Al Thani during his latest visit to Rome increasing Qatari investments in Italy.
  He also noted that his talks in Doha earlier on Monday with HH the Emir was a opportunity for him to be acquainted with the reforms Qatar was carrying out in various fields.
  Monti said his country needed to carry out strong measures to fight corruption as being an essential element in improving the country’s competitiveness and improving its ability to attract foreign investors.
    Monti praised the role Qatar has been playing towards the Syrian crisis , noting that both sides agreed on continued contacts between the foreign ministries in the two countries. “We are also prepared , at the level of heads of government to push for a political solution to the crisis,” Monti said. (qna)

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