LDC Calls Developed World to Sign Kyoto 2 Commitment

Doha, November 29 (QNA) – The Least Developed Countries Group (LDC) participating in the UN Climate Change Conference (COP18), called on developed countries to abide by the second period of Kyoto Protocol commitments, and to contribute to the reduction of carbon dioxide emissions in order to maintain a safe and clean environment.
The Group considered, during a session organized for reporters on the sidelines of COP18, that the implementation of the second period of the Protocol would be the only binding legal instrument, to the multilateral system.
Coordinator of the Group, Alhaji Maille (Gambia) said that the group believes that the extension period of the Kyoto Protocol should be five years, with the commitment period of the Protocol’s compliance in order to maintain the environment.
He, on behalf of the group that includes 48 countries, demanded the countries that have not acceded the second commitment period starting 2013, to promptly join the other countries, noting that the countries that do not sign the commitment period will not benefit from, what he called the flexible mechanism, or the Protocol advantages.
He added that there is a need for want legally binding agreements those are internationally agreed upon, noting that the least developed countries are suffering from climate change, pointing to the irregular floods and rain, and adding that the problem is increasing day by day.

For his part, a LDC Ethiopian climate change expert said that the group asserts that the Kyoto Protocol will be the only binding mechanism, expressing his pleasure with the progress achieved in the Durban round of negotiations in relation to the Protocol.
He called on the countries listed in Annex 1 to commit to implementing the a second commitment period of the Protocol, hoping that all the outstanding issues will be resolved in the near future.
Answering a question on the difficulty of EU members to reach an agreement on applying the second term of commitment AlHaji Maille said that there are ongoing negotiations with different parties on this matter.
AlHaji Maille emphasized the need to build on the Doha negotiations and move forward to reach positive results.
The Spokesman for LDC Group Ibrahim Hassan emphasized the need for the developed countries to meet their pledges especially with regard to funding and technical support.
He pointed to the discussions conducted by his group with many of the groups that (share the same demands), including G 77 and China, the Arab Group, the group of island states and other groups, explaining that the purpose of these discussions is to urge developed countries to fulfill their promises and obligations regarding the provision of financial and technical support needed to respond to the phenomenon of gas emissions, and reduce its impact. (END)

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