SAGIA vows support for local business entrepreneurs 2 Riyadh

He said the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia is currently enjoying its economic invigoration climax and that it is time for business youths to take the opportunity of investment, noting that expenditures in all sectors in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia would reach SR2 trillion over the coming five years with the investment exploitable opportunities to amount to 100 or more in addition to unification of efforts of more than 30 bodies supportive to SAGIA unified investment plan.
He disclosed that SAGIA became aware of the most thorny obstacles facing small and medium businesses and entrepreneurs after having conducted a number of workshops on the issue. He cited the shortage of finance, shallowness of investment opportunities, lack of incentive programs for small and medium businesses, ambiguity of procedures, lack of benefiting from foreign investors experience and difficulty of finding skilled labor force as among the obstacles facing the promising businesses.
Al-Othman vowed that SAGIA is currently busy designing an electronic platform to serve the small and medium businesses as well as the entrepreneurs aiming to provide investment opportunities, skills building, service developing and data collecting.
15:44 LOCAL TIME 12:44 GMT