Saudi Arabian General Investment Authority to launch Global Competitiveness in January 2 Riyadh

SAGIA’s Governor Engineer Abdullatif A. Al-Othman, said of the upcoming Forum: “In 2016, the GCF will continue the discussion on competitiveness with the theme of ‘Competitive Sectors’ that play a significant part in fostering and enhancing sustainable growth. Topics in the GCF 2016 will include human capital development, innovation, and integration of sectors that act as building blocks for sustainable economic development.”

This is the 9th edition of the GCF, with the first edition in 2007 featuring a memorable keynote speech by Microsoft Chairman Bill Gates on ICT as an enabler for competitiveness. Subsequent GCFs focused on themes such as responsible competitiveness, innovation, entrepreneurship and competitive governments, attracting leading personalities such as Tony Blair, Bill Clinton and F.W de Klerk.

Prominent media including CNN, BBC World News, the Financial Times, Time and Bloomberg have also covered the GCF over the years.
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