Kingdom's living cost index rises 2.3% in November 3 Riyadh

The report attributed the monthly rise for the index to the highs witnessed by the 6 main sections components of this index, topped by clothing and footwear division by 1.1%, the section of goods and miscellaneous services 0.9%, the section of furnishing and home equipment and maintenance by 0.5%, the Section of Recreation and Culture by 0.4%, the Section of Health by 0.3%, and the Section of Housing, water, electricity, gas and other fuels by 0.1%.
On the other hand four sections of the main index, witnessed a decline which were communications section by 0.6%, the Section of Transportation by 0.2%, followed by food and beverage section by 0.1% and finally the section of restaurants and hotels, down by 0.1%; but the Education Section remained at the level of its previous price as its relative record did not witness any changed to be mentioned.
14:14 LOCAL TIME 11:14 GMT