Kingdom's living cost index rises 2.3% in November

Riyadh, 02 March 1437 AH December 13, 2015, SPA — The annual level of cost of living in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia increased by 2.3% during the month of November compared to the corresponding month last year, 2014.
The monthly report of the General Department of Statistics and Information attributed that to the rise witnessed by (11) main sections of the index topped by the Department of Education, with the rise 5.4% followed by the Department of clothing and footwear, which registered a rise of 5.1%.
The Section of Housing, water, electricity, gas and other fuels rose by 4.4%, followed by the Section of Health by 2.5%, the Section of Transportation by 2.3%, furnishing and equipment home and maintenance department by 2.0%, the Section of Recreation and Culture by 1.9%, the Section of miscellaneous goods and services by 1.8%, as well as the rise in tobacco division by 1.5%, and the Section of food and beverages by 0.8% and finally the Section of Communications, up 0.6%.
14:13 LOCAL TIME 11:13 GMT