Maaden Company adopts initiatives to protect integrity and anti-corruption

Riyadh, 02 March 1437 AH, December 13, 2015, SPA — Saudi Arabian Mining Company “Maaden ” has confirmed its responsibility to protect the integrity and the fight against corruption to conduct a process ensuring the safety of domestic and foreign company transactions.
The Secretary-General of the Board of Directors of “Maaden “Bakr AL-Haboub in his participation with a working paper at a seminar “Smash Corruption” organized by the National Anti-Corruption Commission on the occasion of the celebration of the International Anti-Corruption Day last week, said that the company’s values are its open message and address of dealings, and “Integrity” on the list of values including credibility and fairness of the highest ethical and professional standards in the internal relations with all stakeholders.
Al-Haboub pointed out that the company has prepared since early time in the financial market high standards and a comprehensive system of governance aimed at raising the level of transparency, and adjusting the set of relations between the company’s management and board of directors, and owners and all related parties.
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