Finance Ministry Issues A Press Release on State's Budget 10 Riyadh

b.Sadad Electronic Payment System
In regards to the implementation of the Sadad electronic payment system, which manages fees and wages of government services in the Kingdom, two new government agencies were recently linked to the system during the current fiscal year 1436/1437; total payments made through the system during the current fiscal year 1436/1437 was SR 98 billion, an increase of 5 percent from the previous fiscal year 1435/1436. This brings the total payments made through the system since its launch until 02/14/1437 AH to nearly SR 409 billion.
c.Modification and issuance of laws and regulations
New regulations, laws and systems have been approved during FY 1436/1437 (2015), including: the Antiquities, Urban Heritage and Museums, the Tourism Law, the Functions of the Direct Public Funds Law, the Child Protection Law, the Anti-Smoking Law, Protected Areas and Wildlife Law, the Corporate Law, and the Undeveloped Urban Lands Law.
A number of regulations have been approved including the Consumer Protection Association, the Saudi Lawyers Society, the Saudi Center for the Accreditation of Healthcare Institutions, the Law of Criminal Procedure, the Martyrs Fund, the Saudi Commission for Contractors, the Saudi Commission for Job Generation and Anti-Unemployment, the Central Department of Statistics and Information, the National Program to Support Project Management, the Saudi SME Authority, the Center for Performance Measurement of Government Agencies, the Center of Achievement and Rapid Intervention and the Saudi Awqaf Authority. It has been approved, in principle, to create the National Center for Strategic Development Studies.
d.Follow-up and Disclosure
The Ministry will issue periodic reports on the implementation of the budget, assess delivery as per the disclosure standards in the government financial statistics of 2001/2014, and will periodically update the Council of Economic Affairs and Development.
17:53 LOCAL TIME 14:53 GMT