Finance Ministry Issues A Press Release on State's Budget 9 Riyadh

The current account of the balance of payments is expected to achieve a deficit of SR 154.9 billion in the current fiscal year 1436/1437 (2015), compared to a surplus of SR 288.4 billion last fiscal year 1435/1436 (2014).

5-Important regulatory and administrative developments:
a.Organizational arrangements
After the Custodian of the Two Holy Mosques King Salman bin Abdulaziz assumed the reins in the Kingdom, he issued many decisions and orders including the cancelation of 12 Supreme Council committees and bodies, and the establishment of two bodies – Political and Security Affairs and Economic and Development Affairs – in order to raise the efficiency and level of coordination, speed up the decision-making mechanism and follow-up on their implementation, and draw future trends. The Council of Economic and Development Affairs has worked to evaluate the visions and objectives of 46 government agencies, and approved them to develop plans and key performance indicators (KPIs) supporting the diversification of economic growth and sustainable development.

E-Government Transactions
The implementation of the second phase of the National e-Government Project continued; the Project was launched in fiscal year 1427/1428 to support the initiatives and projects for the second operational plan for the e-Government in the Kingdom (2012-2016). The third operational plan for e-Government transactions in the Kingdom is currently being prepared; the plan is to be implemented during 2017-2021 AD. The number of government agencies connected to the secure government network has reached 138, an increase of 24% from the previous fiscal year. The number of government entities that exchange data electronically through the government integration channel has reached 103. The number of online services available through the National e-Government Portal (SAUDI) has exceeded 2,500 electronic services provided by more than 170 government agencies, an addition of more than 500 new electronic services from the previous fiscal year. The number of government agencies connected to the National Call Center (AMER) for e-Government transactions has reached 13, an increase of 85 percent from the previous fiscal year. Smartphone platform (MAAK) was launched to provide all e-Government applications and services for smartphones on a single platform.
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