Allegiance-Pledge Anniversary/ Petroleum Minister: Custodian of the Two Holy Mosques strengthens Kingdom's status internationally 2 Riyadh

He indicated that the National Transformation Strategy through the diversification of income sources and non reliance on oil alone aims to attract investment in the mining sector, facilitate investment procedures in this sector, and reduce restrictions and obstacles, which the Kingdom has witnessed recently of a noticeable development in the field of investment in mining industries, indicating that the sector has witnessed significant developments, with the establishment of two industrial and important cities, Ras Al-Khair City for Mining Industries on the Arab Gulf for investment of phosphate and bauxite resources in the Kingdom and King Abdullah Project for Development of Waad Al-Shamal City for Mining Industries in the Northern Border Region.
He noted that these two industrial cities will provide diversification of the sources of national income, as well as providing employment opportunities for citizens, in addition to raising the average family income in the Kingdom.
16:12 LOCAL TIME 13:12 GMT