Allegiance-Pledge Anniversary/ Petroleum Minister: Custodian of the Two Holy Mosques strengthens Kingdom's status internationally 3 Riyadh

The Minister of Petroleum and Mineral Resources said that the Kingdom has proved to the whole world from one year to another its importance and regional and international influence, and its contribution to the establishment of a number of political and economic important alliances, as well as its continuing dealing with political and economic issues in a balanced way at the regional and international levels, stressing that what is enjoyed by Custodian of the Two Holy Mosques of wisdom and deep vision and through his position as a leader of the country made him constantly directed for whatever serves the Saudi economy in general, including the petroleum sector so that Kingdom maintains its distinguished oil status as the largest oil exporter in the world, and the largest state possessing surplus production capacity in the world , as well as increasing petroleum reserves, and increasing the Kingdom’s production of natural gas for domestic uses.
16:12 LOCAL TIME 13:12 GMT