King Abdullah Center for Petroleum Studies and Research enhances Kingdom's leadership in energy and oil fields

Riyadh, 08 Rabi’II,1437 AH, 18 January,2016, SPA — King Abdullah Center for Petroleum Studies and Research in Riyadh is seen as a global research center interesting in research of oil, energy, environment, and their future policies aiming to be an edifice for the exchange of experiences and ideas related to energy, environment and the provision of meaningful strategies and policies for the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and the world emanating from the Kingdom’s leading role in the field of energy and oil.
The center which is under preparations to open soon is an independent research non-profit institution dedicated to study all types of energy and its mission concentrates on creating added values that contribute to the benefit of the society and humanity by carrying out independent and transparent research with international standards enhancing the understanding of future current opportunities for the energy industry, its economies and challenges facing the world in this regard taking the social benefit as a basis in all aspects of its research activities.
The Center’s main programs include energy production, fuel shifts and techniques, monitoring the different sources of energy and the study of its economic feasibility.
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