International Islamic Relief Organization implements a project for training farmers and displaced people in Darfur, Sudan

Jeddah,10 Rabi’II,1437 AH, 20 January,2016 , SPA — The International Islamic Relief Organization of Muslim World League has implemented a new project to develop displaced capabilities and some farmers in Darfur region of western Sudan in the field of agricultural business to provide them with various training and qualification opportunities.
The Secretary-general of the Organization Ihsan Tayyip stated that these training opportunities benefited 1360 farmers among them one thousand of displaced people in “Alsriv” camp related to the Organization and 360 farmers in the village of “Tmesku” in Darfur region.
He pointed out that the Organization distributed tracts of land estimated at 18,000 acres to 20 poor families in the village “Tmesku” to be cultivated by various types of vegetables and marketed locally.
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