Global Competitiveness Forum underscores importance of supporting small and medium enterprises 2 Riyadh

The Director of Competitiveness and Projects Development at Parson Global Foundation Shankar Selgam went on to say that government-crediting in the Kingdom is low in comparison with the United Arab Emirates, a indication that encourages the competitiveness through granting more investment loans.
He said privatization should take place through competitiveness and refraining from monopolization, but in this case, he added, we are going to proceed to giant conglomerates of the private sectors’ monopoly and this is not against competitiveness. So, government agencies should provide support for market new-comers and not depend on giant renowned companies through offering them developmental or infrastructure projects of the country.
For her part, the Head of M.A.T. Forum for the Arab World projects Hala Fadhel said during yesterday’s session that the competitiveness forum has adopted as priority the pioneering mentality and openness freedom to think in a different way to innovate in the field of new smart projects, underscoring the importance of building bridges between business pioneers and government bodies to allow them contact with each other and overcome difficulties.
13:57 LOCAL TIME 10:57 GMT