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Public Libraries Specialists in Kingdom open 4th forum

Riyadh,24 Rabi’II,1437 AH, 03 February,2016 , SPA — On behalf of the Minister of Culture and Information Dr. Adel bin Zaid Altoraifi, the Ministry’s General Supervisor of Cultural Affairs Saud bin Nassar Al-Hazmi opened on Monday evening the fourth forum of specialists of public libraries being organized by the Ministry of Culture and Information, represented by the Ministry’s Agency for Cultural Affairs- the General Directorate of Libraries – entitled “Public libraries and their roles towards the society”, at the theatre of the Eastern Region Secretariat with the participation of 150 male and female employees of libraries specialists.
The General Supervisor of Cultural Affairs confirmed in his speech the importance of changing the rooted concept of libraries that they are bowls to preserve the information, but the ministry is working so as public libraries act as an open university for male and female citizens and an information institution playing an important role in serving the society.
He called on the secretaries of libraries in the Kingdom to take advantage of modern technologies created by the Ministry for providing what local readers and beneficiaries are looking for, pointing out in the same context that the Ministry is moving to create clubs for readers as a service being provided by libraries for their users through websites to enrich the culture of individuals, expand their intellectual horizons, and provide the opportunity to continue self-education for children, youth and the elderly.
He noted that the Ministry has been keen on the diversity of holding the forum in the Kingdom’s regions to provide an opportunity for those in charge of public libraries for the acquisition of expertise and access to other colleagues experiences, expressing his thanks and appreciation to the participants in the forum and wishing them all success.
16:36 LOCAL TIME 13:36 GMT

Youth Welfare President receives Hungarian Ambassador

Youth Welfare President receives Hungarian Ambassador

الاربعاء 1437/4/24 هـ الموافق 2016/02/03 م واس

Riyadh, 24 Rabi’II,1437 AH, 03 February,2016 , SPA — Prince Abdullah bin Musa’ed bin Abdulaziz, General President of Youth Welfare Presidency received here today the Ambassador of Republic of Hungary to the Kingdom Ferenc Csillag.
At the outset of the meeting, the Prince welcomed the Hungarian ambassador, commending deep relations between the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and the Republic of Hungary in various fields, stressing the Presidency’s desire for opening prospects of youth and sport cooperation with youth in Hungary to enhance the relationship between the two friendly peoples.
13:22 LOCAL TIME 10:22 GMT

Asia Plantation Capital Brings the ‘Hong’ Back to Hong Kong

KUALA LUMPUR, Malaysia, Feb. 3, 2016 /PRNewswire — Over the last few years, award-winning, sustainable plantation management company, Asia Plantation Capital, has been actively working with the only remaining agarwood plantation in Hong Kong. Its aim was to keep alive part of the territory’s natural heritage. The species, Aquilaria Sinensis, from which agarwood is derived, is the tree that originally brought Hong Kong its famous name — ‘Fragrant Harbour’ — with the city serving as a regional supplier of scents after becoming the Asian hub for aromatic affairs.

Heidi Wun, General Manager, Asia Plantation Capital (Hong Kong) and Mr Chan Koon Wing, at one of Asia Plantation Capital’s plantations in Malaysia.

Photo – http://photos.prnasia.com/prnh/20160203/8521600734-a
Photo – http://photos.prnasia.com/prnh/20160203/8521600734-b

Since 2014, Asia Plantation Capital has been involved in a joint venture with Mr Chan Koon Wing, a third generation agarwood farmer who owns the last remaining commercial Aquilaria Sinensis plantation in Hong Kong. The plantation, situated near the village of Shing Ping and Ping Che in Hong Kong’s New Territories, currently has approximately 6,000 trees that were planted since 2009, and the aim is to sustain and preserve this endangered species. The strategic partnership between Asia Plantation Capital and Mr Chan provides the necessary support and expertise required to develop long-term commercial opportunities in Hong Kong and its surrounding areas, on an ethical and sustainable basis.

Mr Chan’s plantation was inherited from his grandfather, who started planting Aquilaria Sinensis many years ago. After a lengthy period working abroad, Chan returned to Hong Kong in 2009 to revive the plantation. Hong Kong, once abundant with Aquilaria trees, has been facing the threat from illegal loggers and poachers, as the demand for agarwood in Mainland China has increased exponentially in recent years. These poachers have been known to pose as hikers, slashing the trees indiscriminately to instigate a resin infection, and then returning in the middle of the night to chop them down. It is the inner heartwood of the Aquilaria tree that yields the much-coveted and highly-prized treasure, Oud — a magical and mystical substance that has had cultural and religious significance for billions of people, and is now one of the most sought after ingredients in the modern fragrance world.

Mr Chan Koon Wing with an Aquilaria Sinensis tree at one of Asia Plantation Capital’s plantations in Malaysia.

Last week, Chan paid a visit to Singapore and Malaysia to visit Fragrance Du Bois’ luxurious flagship boutiques at The Fullerton Hotel in Singapore, and the Starhill Gallery in Kuala Lumpur, before being hosted at some of the plantations owned and managed by Asia Plantation Capital. His trip included a tour of the region’s largest agarwood processing factory in Johor Bahru, Malaysia, and one of the plantations in Keru, Negeri Sembilan, located south of Kuala Lumpur. These are the plantations that grow the exact same Aquilaria Sinensis species that is to be found on Chan’s plantation in Hong Kong.

Chan commented, “I am extremely impressed by Asia Plantation Capital’s growth. The amount of research and development invested into their plantations is remarkable. Oud oil has not been produced in Hong Kong for more than a century, but with the help of Asia Plantation Capital, I am hoping to change that by developing a small distillery in the future. The purpose-built agarwood factory and research centre in Johor has state of the art facilities, and it would be my dream to be able to replicate them in Hong Kong. What’s more,” he concluded, “the company is a pioneer in the industry, cultivating agarwood since 2009, and is known to be the market leader in terms of scientific knowledge and the techniques required to stimulate the resinous heartwood by inoculation. There is so much for me to learn and take away from this visit, and I’m certain this will not only benefit our partnership, but also our goals in developing and growing sustainable agarwood in the region.”

“All our joint ventures, or partnerships, have been strategically selected to ensure that our goals are commonly aligned,” said Steve Watts, Asia Plantation Capital’s CEO, Asia Pacific. “Also, as part of our dedication and commitment to ‘holistic sustainability’, Asia Plantation Capital strongly believes in involving itself in the community. In this case, our aim is to protect this endangered species, and help Chan produce Oud oil in Hong Kong. We believe that this plot of land has more than mere monetary value. It’s clear that Chan has a sentimental attachment to the species and to his family plantation,” Watts concluded, “and we’re delighted to be able to lend our expertise to manage the plantation jointly with him, one tree at a time.”

The Aquilaria tree is listed under CITES (the Convention on International Trade in Endangered Species of Wild Fauna and Flora) to protect and safeguard for future generations a species that has been over-exploited and harvested to the point of near extinction. Asia Plantation Capital ensures that all Aquilaria trees are grown sustainably and that its end-products (Oud oil, wood chips and beads, etc.) are certified by the relevant authorities and are produced in an ethical, renewable and sustainable manner.

Notes for Editors:

For further information, please contact:-

Samantha Tham
Marketing Executive, Switzerland
Email: charlotte.medigue@apcgroup.ch
Mobile: +41 (0) 227077330

Zureina Maidin
PR & Marketing Director, Malaysia
Email: zureina.maidin@asiaplantationcapital.com
Mobile: +6013 774 1009

About Asia Plantation Capital

The Asia Plantation Capital Group is a multi-award-winning sustainable plantation operator and management company, with projects across Asia, Europe, America and Africa. Its Scientific Advisory Board is comprised of leading academics and experts from various countries (China, Thailand, Malaysia, India, Switzerland and the United Arab Emirates), who have, between them, developed and patented industry-leading technologies and systems.

About Fragrance Du Bois

Fragrance Du Bois is a niche, luxury perfume house born from the richest essences of nature, producing fragrances crafted by fifth generation perfumers from the 17th Century French traditions of Grasse. All Fragrance Du Bois’ fragrances are created using 100% pure, organic Oud oil and other sustainably-sourced ingredients, from plantations managed by the award-winning Asia Plantation Capital.

With flagship boutiques in Singapore and Malaysia, Fragrance Du Bois is looking forward to further development in Europe, adding to its current fragrance lounges in Dubai, Hong Kong and Thailand. Fragrance Du Bois creates only the finest experience in bespoke perfumery, all the while staying true to its ethos of, ‘personal luxury with a conscience’.

Islamic University of Madinah participates in Cairo International Book Fair

Islamic University of Madinah participates in Cairo International Book Fair

الاربعاء 1437/4/24 هـ الموافق 2016/02/03 م واس

Madinah, Rabi’II 24, 1437, February 03, 2016, SPA — The Islamic University of Madinah is participating in Cairo International Book Fair at its 47th session currently being held with the participation of a number of Arab and international academic and scientific agencies.
The Islamic University is participating within the Kingdom’s pavilion in the Fair with a group of various books and versions.
11:09 LOCAL TIME 08:09 GMT

Airline Outlook Report from CellPoint Mobile Stresses a “Mobile-First” Payments Imperative for Airlines’ Revenue Growth in 2016

Global Payment Solutions Firm Urges Airlines to Support Higher Conversions, Greater Payment Acceptance & A Range of Payment Methods to Capture Hundreds of Millions in Revenues

LONDON, Feb. 3, 2016 /PRNewswire — Airlines across the globe stand to gain hundreds of millions in new and incremental revenues through 2016 if they adopt robust payment solutions that make it simple for passengers to purchase tickets and ancillary products directly from their smartphones, digital wallets and wearable devices, according to CellPoint Mobile (www.cellpointmobile.com), a payment solutions company serving the global airline industry.

The Mobile Payments Imperative for Global Airlines: 2016 Outlook,” urges global airlines to adopt a “mobile-first” mindset around payments and passenger-centric services to capture more of the $762 billion (USD) estimated by eMarketer to emerge from digital travel-related transactions by 2019.

Airline revenues will come from higher conversions (more “lookers to bookers,”), higher acceptance rates for payments, and support for a broad range of traditional and alternate payment methods (APMs), according to Kristian Gjerding, CEO of CellPoint Mobile. Those three components are necessary as the majority of passengers’ payments and interactions with airlines will shift to the mobile environment in the not-too-distant future.

By 2019, some 55% of all global commerce transactions (or $1.3 trillion of an estimated $2.4 trillion USD), will arise from Alternative Payment Methods (APMs) such as Android Pay, Apple Pay, Samsung Pay, Visa Checkout, MasterPass, Amex Express Checkout, m-pesa™, pre-paid cards and others, according to recent payments industry forecasts. “Airlines have much to gain by embracing mobile payments and transactions quickly and effectively – and so much to lose if they do not,” says Gjerding.

Travel payments: poised for growth
By adopting a ‘mobile-first’ mindset, airlines are able to capture substantial new and incremental revenues across all direct channels, payment methods, currencies and devices. The same mindset will ensure that airlines are also well-positioned to integrate new passenger services and revenue streams as they become available.

The Mobile Payments Imperative report outlines a number of core airline strategies needed to capitalize on the mobile-first approach:

  • Make mobile payments highly functional and seamless, able to support such capabilities as single-sign-on and one-click payment functionality, with as few intervening steps as possible
  • Support a wide range of digital wallets and APMs
  • Own and manage passenger-centric data and services across all channels, so that passengers can easily interact with and purchase tickets/products from airlines from all of their devices (smartphones, tablets, wearables) and across all channels (online, offline, mobile) – easily, quickly and with the least amount of interruptions

The Mobile Payments Imperative report also notes that while mobile payments are still in their formative years, they have a growth trajectory that places high expectations on airlines to stay current with mobile technologies and solutions as they emerge, evolve and deploy.

“Airlines that seize opportunities now will be well positioned for continued growth and higher revenues in the coming years,” says Gjerding. “Those that do not will find it incredibly challenging to catch up later.”

CellPoint Mobile’s “The Mobile Payments Imperative for Global Airlines: 2016 Outlooks” is available for download now at http://www.cellpointmobile.com/mobile-payments-imperative-report. For more information about the report, or to schedule an interview with a company executive, please contact Karina Castano at kcastano@thinkinkpr.com +1.305.749.5342 x240 in the U.S.; or Vanessa Horwell at vhorwell@thinkinkpr.com +44.20.3807.3735 in the UK.

About CellPoint Mobile: Making Travel Payments Easier
CellPoint Mobile helps airlines around the world navigate and own the complex payments ecosystem from beginning to end, regardless of their passengers’ preferred currency, payment method, device or channel.  Its technology infrastructure, solutions and professional services enable airlines to manage and process payments and transactions from a single, data-integrated platform, regardless of channel, device or currencies. With offices in London, Miami, Copenhagen and Pune, CellPoint Mobile serves global and regional airlines. Since 2007, its Commerce Orchestration Platform has helped companies across the world fulfil their digital strategy, increase sales and improve margins. Visit www.cellpointmobile.com or email info@cellpointmobile.com.

Taisys Affiliate Shanghai F-road Wins 1st Prize In The Wall Sreet Journal’s Financial Inclusion Challenge

TAIPEI, Taiwan, Feb. 3, 2016 /PRNewswire — World-renowned financial news publication, The Wall Street Journal, invited enterprises from around the world to join its Financial Inclusion Challenge (the Challenge) to showcase their solutions to the problems of financial access for the poor. Taisys Technology (Taisys) affiliate, Shanghai F-road Commercial Services (F-road), was judged by The Wall Street Journal to have a meaningful impact on financial inclusion in Asia-Pacific. F-Road uses SIM-overlay card-based technology delivered by Taisys’ technology to expand mobile banking coverage to even the most rural parts of China. It was named the winner in the technology category of the Challenge.

Challenge Judge Michael Schlein commented, “F-road’s focus on rural areas addresses an often overlooked issue in financial inclusion – bringing financial services to lower-population areas farther away from urban centers.”

Szechwan farmer Wu Yulong, user of F-road’s service issued by local bank said, “I can transfer, pay bills and most importantly I can now easily extend my loan to buy the fertilizers. I also now conduct transactions for all the other villagers.”

In a vast country like China there is often a far distance to travel to the nearest bank. Therefore, the crucial matter to financial inclusion lies with the banks to shorten the distance between customers and bank services. F-road ‘s easily understood and highly accessible solution, based on Taisys’ patented SIMoME technology, is now applied by over 15-million users from 1,300 banks in 27 of China’s 31 provinces, handling more than RMB 5 billion daily transactions.

Taisys’ patented SIMoME technology uses the SMS channel in a users’ phone, which overcomes the issue of weak signals in most rural areas. The technology is a highly secured device that also stores cryptographic keys, algorithms and process data, so financial institutions can issue safe mobile banking solutions to customers.

Country manager of International Finance Corporation Simon Andrew said, “We think this has much more potential than just China, but also a lot potential in other countries where there are a large rural populations.” F-road and Taisys have set an ambitious vision for achieving universal financial access. The Financial Inclusion Challenge win proves that their effort has already begun to bear fruits and help people in need.


For more information, please visit Taisys website: http://www.taisys.com/index


Lotus Lin


الشركة التابعة لتايسيس، شنغهاي أف رود، تفوز بالجائزة الأولى في مسابقة وول ستريت جورنال للشمول المالي

تايبي، تايوان،3 شباط/فبراير، 2016 / بي آر نيوزواير — دعت مطبوعة أخبار المال العالمية الشهرة، وول ستريت جورنال، شركات من حول العالم للمشاركة في مسابقة الشمول المالي (المسابقة) لإظهار حلولها لمشاكل الوصول المالي للفقراء. وقد قررت وول ستريت جورنال أن الشركة التابعة لشركة تايسيس تكنولوجي، وهي شنغهاي أف رود للخدمات المالية، لديها تأثير كبير على الشمول المالي في منطقة آسيا المحيط الهادىء. وتستعمل أف رود تقنية قائمة على شريحة “سيم” من تايسيس تكنولوجي لتوسيع تغطية الأعمال المصرفية الجوالة لتشمل حتى أكثر الأجزاء ريفية في الصين. وقد سميت الشركة فائزة بجائزة المسابقة في فئة التكنولوجيا.

وعلق قاضي المنافسة مايكل شلاين بالقول إن “تركيز أف رود على المناطق الريفية يتصدى لمسألة غالبا ما يتم إغفالها في الشمول المالي –وهي جلب الخدمات المالية إلى المناطق المنخفضة السكان بعيدا عن المراكز الحضرية.”

وقال سيشوان المزارع وو يولونغ، وهو مستخدم لخدمة أف رود التي يصدرها البنك المحلي في منطقتها، “أستطيع نقل، ودفع الفواتير والأهم من ذلك يمكنني الآن بسهولة تمديد قرضي لشراء الأسمدة. كما أنني الآن أجري المعاملات لجميع القرويين الآخرين.”

وفي بلد مترامي الأطراف مثل الصين، غالبا ما تكون هناك مسافة بعيدة ينبغي قطعها للوصول إلى أقرب بنك. ولذلك، فإن الأمر الحاسم في الشمول المالي يتمثل في قيام البنوك بتقصير المسافة بين العملاء والخدمات المصرفية. إن خدمة أف رود السهلة الفهم والتي يسهل الوصول إليها، والقائمة على أساس تقنية تايسيس الخاصة، SIMoMEالحائزة على على براءة الاختراع، تستخدم الآن من قبل أكثر من 15 مليون مستخدم من 1300 بنك في 27 من مقاطعات الصين الـ 31، وتعالج ما مجموعه أكثر من 5 مليارات يوان من المعاملات البنكية اليومية.

تستخدم تقنية تايسيس الحائزة على براءة الاختراع SIMoMEقناة SMS في هاتف المستعمل،وهو ما يساعد في التغلب على مسألة الإشارة الضعيفة في معظم المناطق الريفية. وهذه التقنية هي جهاز آمن جدا يمكنه أن يخزن أيضا مفاتيح التشفير والخوارزميات ومعالجة البيانات، بحيث يمكن للمؤسسات المالية أن تصدر الحلول المصرفية الآمنة عبر الهاتف المحمول لعملائها.

وقال المدير الإقليمي لمؤسسة التمويل الدولية سايمون أندرو، “نعتقد أن هذه التقنية لديها تطبيقات محتملةأوسع بكثير من مجرد الصين؛ إن لديها الكثير من الإمكانيات في بلدان أخرى حيث هناك أعداد سكانية ريفية كبيرة. لقد حددت أف رود وتايسيس رؤية طموحة لتحقيق الوصول المالي العالمي. إن الفوز بجائزة مسابقة الشمول المالي يثبت أن جهودهما قد بدأت بالفعل تؤتي ثمارها ومساعدة المحتاجين.”


لمزيد من المعلومات، يرجى زيارة موقع تايسيس على الإنترنت: http://www.taisys.com/index

لوتس لين

شركة ماجيك ليب تعلن عن استثمارات جديدة في الشركة بـ 793.5 مليون دولار

شركة علي بابا تتصدر الاستثمار في الشركة

دانيا بيتش، فلوريدا، 3 شباط/فبراير، 2016 / بي آر نيوزواير — أعلنت شركة “ماجيك ليب إنك” (“ماجيك ليب”) اليوم عن حصولها على استثمارات جديدة بـ 793.5 مليون دولار، وتصدرت الجهات الممولة الجديدة شركة علي بابا غروب. وتضمنت الاستثمارات المتواصلة تمويلات من شركات غوغل إنك، كوالكوم إنكوربوريتد عبر مجموعة استثماراتها المغامرة كوالكوم فنتشرز، وغيرهما. وجاءت تمويلات جديدة أيضا من وورنر بروذرز ومؤسسات تمويل من الصف الأول، بما في ذلك فايدليتي منجمنت أند ريسيرتش كومباني، جي بي مورغان إنفستمنت منجمنت، مورغان ستانلي إنفستمنت منجمنت، بالإضافة إلى شركتي تي رو برايس وولينغتون منجمنت كومباني.

Magic Leap logo.

الشعار: http://photos.prnewswire.com/prnh/20150701/227546LOGO

وقال روني  أبوفيتز، المؤسس، الرئيس، والرئيس التنفيذي لشركة ماجيك ليب “هنا في ماجيك ليب نصوغ عالما جديدا حيث تمتزج فيه الحقائق الرقمية والمادية بسلاسة معا لتمكين تجارب جديدة مذهلة. هذا الاستثمار سوف يسرع في توصيل تجربة الواقع المختلط  الجديد Mixed Reality Lightfield™ من شركتنا إلى الجميع. ونحن متحمسون للترحيب بشركة علي بابا كشريك استراتيجي للمساعدة في تقديم منتجات ماجيك ليب الاختراقية إلى أكثر من 400 مليون شخص على منصات علي بابا”.

وقال جو تساي، نائب الرئيس التنفيذي في شركة علي بابا “نحن نستثمر في شركات مبتكرة وتطلعية التوجهات مثل ماجيك ليب التي تقوم بتطوير المنتجات والتقنيات الرائدة. نعتقد أن علي بابا يمكنها أن توفر الدعم لـ والتعلم من مثل هذا الشريك، ونحن نتطلع إلى العمل مع فريق ماجيك ليب.”

وقد انضمت شركات علي بابا، وورنر بروذرز، فايدليتي منجمنت أند ريسيرتش كومباني، جي بي مورغان إنفستمنت منجمنت، مورغان ستانلي إنفستمنت منجمنت وتي رو برايس وولينغتون منجمنت كومباني وغيرها إلى الجهات المستثمرة الحالية في ماجيك ليب وهي غوغل إنك وكوالكوم فنتشرز، وليجندري إنترتينمنت، وكي كي آر، وفولكان كابيتال، وكلاينر بيركنز وكوفيلد أند بايرز، آندريسن هورويتز وأوبفياس فنتشرز وغيرها.

ألن أند كومباني أل أل سي ستكون بمثابة مستشار مالي لماجيك ليب في ما يتعلق بهذه الصفقة.

حول ماجيك ليب إنك

ماجيك ليب تعمل على تطوير منصة الحوسبة التالية التي سوف تمكنك من الجمع بين وتجربة حياتك الرقمية والمادية بسلاسة. ويقع المقر الرئيسي لماجيك ليب في دانيا بيتش، فلوريدا، كما لديها مواقع في سانتا كروز، ولوس أنجلوس، وماونتن فيو، وسياتل، وأوستن، والمملكة المتحدة، ونيوزيلندا، وإسرائيل.

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