Rio Olympic swim venue may not be ready for April test event

RIO DE JANEIRO, Jumada I 11, 1437, Feb 20, 2016, SPA — Officials are preparing a Plan B in case the main swimming venue for the Rio de Janeiro Olympics is not ready for a test event in April, AP reported.
Cornel Marculescu, the executive director of FINA, said the event from April 15-20 could be moved to the nearby diving venue, which also contains a 50-meter pool.
“There are still a lot of things to do,” Marculescu told The Associated Press. “We need to install an artificial ventilation system for the pool deck to make sure there is enough air circulation, that it’s not too hot or cold.”
Marculescu said the pool would be ready when the Olympics open on Aug. 5.
The venues for swimming, diving, water polo, and synchronized swimming have been among the most contentious issues for games organizers.
FINA has been openly critical of Rio Mayor Eduardo Paes for cutting seating in the main swimming venue, and for declining to install a roof on the remodeled diving venue. Paes responded that many of the 28 federations that oversee summer Olympics sports were too demanding, putting an undue burden on organizers.
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