Al-Naimi told the Germans that Saudi Arabia undertakes a prominent role in enhancing the special value of renewable energy 4 Riyadh

Al-Naimi, then, shed light on the Kingdom’s efforts in the energy consumption efficiency, saying that the Kingdom has taken a package of measures aiming to encourage the change of behavior of energy consumers, citing illuminating campaigns among the youths, as well as the new package of regulations addressed to users of energy in the industrial field, most important of which are those relating to air-conditioning units, a major source of energy consumption in the Kingdom.
He said the Kingdom spares no effort to invest in research and development leading to the discovery of a new clean energy and to the improvement of vehicles engines efficiency.
In view of the current world population increase, we suggest that it is important for all countries of the world to look for improving the energy consumption efficiency and maintain this valuable source, Al-Naimi said.
From this podium, I call for German companies and institutions to share us reaching this goal, he added.
19:31 LOCAL TIME 16:31 GMT