Al-Naimi told the Germans that Saudi Arabia undertakes a prominent role in enhancing the special value of renewable energy 5 Riyadh

In conclusion, Al-Naimi pointed to the efforts exerted by the Kingdom in research, studies and development in the renewable energy field.
To this effect, he said, the Kingdom is undertaking a prominent role in enhancing the special value series of the renewable energy, including the research and development conducted in universities and scientific centers and cities. Moreover, Saudi private sector companies, including Aqua Power, are making great strides in creating great and crucial industry based on investment in solar energy, he declared. Why not, since we have been graced by Allah Almighty with such quartz, vast land and solar rays, he questioned.
Finally, I would like to repeat that we are looking forward to attract experience of advanced countries in this field and forge beneficial deals with them and I’m most optimistic that German companies would join this club to face this challenge.
19:31 LOCAL TIME 16:31 GMT