Negotiations between Sudan government and rebels and opposition leading figures start in Addis Ababa

Addis Ababa, Jumada II 9, 1437, Mar 18, 2016, SPA — A new round of negotiations between Sudan government on one hand and rebels and opposition leading figures on the other started in Addis Ababa today, under the chairmanship the High-level African Peer Review Mechanism.
Sudan government delegation was led by Ibrahim Mahmoud, the President’s Assistant, the rebellion armed movements delegations were led by Yasser Arman, Secretary General of the Northern arm of the Popular Movement, and Meni Arko Minawe, Chairman of Sudan Liberation Movement in addition to Al-Sadeq Al-Mahdi, the Chairman of the Ummah (nation) political party.
Thambo Mbiki, Chairman of the African Peer Review Mechanism, chaired the session, briefing the delegates on the agenda of this round which is scheduled to discuss strategic issues in general, ways of securing a ceasefire at all levels, setting security arrangements leading to a comprehensive peace and taking the delegates remarks and demands to the general assembly of the national dialogue set to be held in Khartoum later.
20:59 LOCAL TIME 17:59 GMT