Brazil Ex-President: “There will be no Coup.”

SAO PAULO, Jumada II 10, 1437, Mar 19, 2016, SPA — In Sao Paulo, tens of thousands gathered on Avenida Paulista in front of the city’s art museum. Most wore red T-shirts and caps and frequently chanted, “Lula, the minister of hope.” The respected Datafolha polling agency estimated 95,000 people took part in the rally, while police estimates put turnout at 80,000.
When Silva appeared on top of a large sound truck to address the crowd he was greeted with loud cheers and shouts of “Lula, Lula.”
“Next week, if there is no impediment, I will start to proudly serve President Dilma and the Brazilian people,” he said.
“I am not going back to the government to fight but to help,” he said. “I am going back to help President Dilma do what must be done — re-establish peace and hope. There is no room for hate in this country.”
He wound up his 20 minute speech staring at the crowd and shouting: “there will be no coup.”
On the other hand, a Brazilian appeals court on Friday slapped down a second attempt to block a Cabinet post for former President Luiz Inacio Lula da Silva and tens of thousands of his supporters rallied to back an embattled government facing a host of crises.
Silva was sworn in as chief aide to President Dilma Rousseff on Thursday, a post that will let the charismatic politician help the president battle an impeachment effort and one that also makes it harder to investigate any possible links to a corruption scandal at the state oil company, AP reported.
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