U.S.-Led Coalition Conducts 34 Airstrikes against Daesh

Washington, Jumada II 15, 1437, Mar 24, 2016, SPA — The U.S.-led coalition battling Daesh conducted 34 airstrikes against the extremist group in Iraq and Syria Wednesday, the Combined Joint Task Force said Thursday.
The task force said in a statementthat eight strikes in four Syrian cities – Al Hawl, Manbij, Mar’a, and Palmyra – hit seven of Daesh’s fighting positions and three tactical units, among othertargets.
In Iraq, the statement said, 25strikes near nine cities hit a Daesh weapons storage facility and communication facility as well as 12 tactical units. The strikes, concentrated near Mosul, Sinjar, and Hit, also hit several vehicles, mortar positions, and a weapons cache.

16:48 LOCAL TIME 13:48 GMT