Al-Jubair: South African President's visit to Kingdom positive, enhances Saudi-South African relations in all fields 3


In responding to reporters’ questions, Al-Jubeir commented on Iranian negative behavior towards the kingdom and the Islamic countries stressing the kingdom’s desire to have good relations with Iran.

Al-Jubeir said, “If they want better relations with Saudi Arabia and other Islamic countries, they should change their behavior and become a normal country and cease to be a revolutionary country seeking to export its revolution and its influence beyond its borders … and then, the door will be open for them in order to have relations in the region,” adding that the way that we will judge Iran is by its actions and not by its words.

Regarding a question on the visit of US President Barack Obama on 21st of the next month to attend the summit, and files that will be discussed in this summit, Al-Jubeir said that the US president will attend on the basis that this will be the second meeting of the Summit of the United States with the Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC), as the first was held at Camp David almost a year ago. He added that the meeting adopted several measures for strengthening the response to Iranian meddling in the region, strengthening cooperation against terrorism, strengthening security cooperation, strengthening cooperation with regard to the building of special forces, strengthening cooperation in terms of building an anti-ballistic missiles system in the GCC countries, easing measures of approving sensitive defense systems for countries of the GCC, intensifying cooperation regarding the exchange of intelligence, working on finding solutions to the region and reaffirming the commitment of the United States of America to support its allies, the GCC countries, in all fields.

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