Kenyan lion killed after leaving national park, attacking one person

Johannesburg, Jumada II 21, 1437, March 30, 2016, SPA — Kenyan wildlife rangers on Wednesday shot dead a male lion which had wandered out of Nairobi National Park, attacking one person, a spokesman for the Kenya Wildlife Service said, according to dpa.
The lion entered the village of Isinya at about 40 kilometres south of the capital, where a crowd gathered around it and it slightly injured one person, Paul Gathitu said.
A veterinary team had been called to sedate the lion so it could be brought back, but they did not arrive before the situation became “chaotic” and rangers shot the animal, the spokesman said.
Nairobi National Park, which is not entirely fenced, has more than 30 lions.
Another lion left the park in March, injuring one person. It then found its way back to the park.
17:33 LOCAL TIME 14:33 GMT