Qatar Welcomes Somali Government’s Efforts in Human Rights Field

Geneva, – The State of Qatar welcomed the efforts and steps taken by the Government of Somalia, at the legislative and executive levels, for the promotion and protection of human rights in the country, despite the difficulties and challenges the country is facing, particularly terrorism, and the difficult economic conditions and droughts, as well as the lack of food and humanitarian aid.

Addressing the Interactive Dialogue with the Independent Expert on the Situation of Human Rights in Somalia on providing assistance to Somalia in the field of human rights item (10) within the agenda of the 33rd session of the Human Rights Council, Second Secretary at Qatar’s Permanent delegation to the UN Office in Geneva Nour Al Sada said that the State of Qatar welcomes the National Plan for Development (2017-2019) mentioned by the report, and emphasizes the importance of providing all the necessary support for the success of its implementation, for its positive effect on improving and promoting the situation of human rights.

She added that the government and people of Qatar reiterate their commitment to support the government and people of Somalia in fulfilling their aspirations and achieving further progress and prosperity, and to contribute to humanitarian and development aid, institution-building and the various sectors of the Somali economy.

She highlighted that the report of the National Leadership Forum had shown the goodwill of the Somali political leaders to reach a lasting and comprehensive solution and to ensure the success of the political transition process.

She praised the announcement to allocate 30% of Somalia’s new parliament seats for women, which represent an important step in promoting women’s rights, and will have many positive political and social impacts.

She underlined that the best way to maintain the progress made in the promotion and protection of human rights and other fields, and to address the considerable challenges facing Somalia, is the continuation of the support provided by the international community and all actors to build and develop the Somali institutions, to ensure the success of the electoral process, and to promote military and security capabilities in order to counter and eradicate terrorism.

She also stressed the need to support Somalia’s economy, and to stimulate public and private investment in the productive sectors that promote jobs and growth.

Source: Qatar News Agency