Katara Continues a Relief Campaign in Support of Syrian Refugees

Doha, – In collaboration with the Qatar Red Crescent Society (QRCS), the Cultural Village Foundation-Katara has magnificently continued its relief campaign in support of the Syrian refugees.

At a press conference held on Monday, General Manager of the Cultural Village Foundation-Katara, Dr Khalid bin Ibrahim Al Sulaiti said: “Katara has always been keen to extend bridges while connecting diverse cultures through art, culture and social activities, in bid to fulfill its humanitarian message, which places human-being welfare as a priority”.

“Based on this vision, we at Katara, made sure to be present as an active player, in several charitable and humanitarian initiatives. Katara was ready to address the gravity of the Syrian refugees’ crisis through launching campaigns and staging activities and events to promote public awareness about the humanitarian face of that war-hit country”, Al Sulaiti added.

For his part, the Secretary General of QRCS Ali bin Hassan Al Hammadi, outlined the importance of the jointly cooperation with the Cultural Village Foundation- Katara in assembling in-kind contributions in support of the Syrian refugees.

The Secretary General of QRCS, said: “The value of the total quantity of the goodwill donation items are estimated to be equal to one million and 200 thousand Qatari Riyals. Furthermore, we at QRCS are eager to serve top humanitarian issues, as we work under the slogan of; human dignity is inviolable. QRCS is working in countless fields of crises in various parts of the world.” It is noteworthy that an overwhelming response from donors from different parts of the country provided in-kind assistance. Moreover, donation items comprised of: large quantities of dates, winter and children’s clothing, blankets, school bags and other useful items. The Cultural Village Foundation- Katara jointly with Qatar Red Crescent Society will deliver the items to Jordan by the 31st of December; and from there arrangements will be done for the distribution to Syrian refugees.

Source: Qatar News Agency