16 Houthis Killed, Wounded in Clashes with Military Army in Taiz

Sana’a, Nine of Houthi’s militant group and the overthrown president Ali Abdullah Saleh were killed and seven others were wounded during clashes with the Yemeni Army Force in Taiz district, south of Sanaa.

A military source in the district declared Sunday that the Yemeni military army failed a Houthi’s and Saleh’s militant attack that was aiming to take control of Mount Merab, west of the city. The clash resulted in the killing of eight of the militants and three others including a field leader.

The source also said that the army forces took over a military patrol that belongs to the militia and number of weapons and ammunition. Attacks were going on and off between the two sides on the eastern and western fronts and resulted in one militant death and wounds of four others.

A local Taiz source also added that three civilians were died, while seven others wounded due to a heavy shelling by with heavy artillery and tanks launched by Houthi and Saleh’s militants on residential neighborhoods in the City Center and around it.

Source: Qatar News Agency