Jordanian Police Kill all Terrorists in Karak

Amman, A joint security force that battled Sunday an out-law terrorist group holed up inside the Karak Castle after it opened fire on a number of public security personnel and passers-by in the southern governorate of Karak, concluded its operation after killing the group’s four terrorists.

The security force is still sweeping the area and its surroundings to make sure there are no other terrorists, secure and protect it, according to a joint statement by the Public Security Department (PSD) and the Gendarmerie Department.

The statement said the operation resulted in seizing large quantities of automatic weapons and ammunition in the possession of the dead terrorists. Investigations were launched to find out all the details of the incident and determine the identity of the gunmen and their affiliations, according to (Petra) news agency.

A security force had raided a house in Qatraneh near Karak, where the terrorists hide, and found large amounts of explosives as well as weapons and explosive belts.

The PSD and the Gendarmerie department said seven of their personnel were killed in the attack, in addition to two civilians and a Canadian citizen, while 11 PSD personnel, four Gendarmerie members, 17 citizens and two foreigners were injured.

Source: Qatar News Agency