Kingdom's Wholesale Prices Index Down 0.7% in November 2 Riyadh

Kingdom’s Wholesale Prices Index Down 0.7% in November 2 Riyadh

الثلاثاء 1438/3/21 هـ الموافق 2016/12/20 م واس

The decrease also included the section of raw materials except fuels by (0.1%), while in contrast, the index of two main sections went up, namely the section of manufactured goods (0.2%) and the section of animal and vegetable oils and fats (0.1%), while the section of mineral fuels and related products remained without any change.
The General Authority for Statistics explained that the index of wholesale prices in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia measures the average changes in the prices of goods and services sold in the primary markets and takes into account the change in price only, and therefore the exclusion will cover all changes resulting from the difference in brands or discount in quantities or the difference in shipping method or other of influencing factors.
It is worth mentioning that the index of the wholesale price is used to monitor changes in the prices of the domestic or imported commodities which are handled in the markets and monitored the price trends; market conditions and the cost of living.
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