South Korea, US Agree to Regularly Deploy Strategic Military Assets to Korean Peninsula

Washington, The United States will regularly deploy its strategic military assets to South Korea to better defend the Northeast Asian ally from North Korea’s nuclear and missile threats, Seoul and Washington said Wednesday following joint defense cooperation talks.

The commitment was reaffirmed at the inaugural meeting of the Extended Deterrence Strategy and Consultation Group (EDSCG) in Washington on Tuesday (US time). In a bid to step up deterrence against Pyongyang, the allies launched the dialogue process dedicated to exploring extended measures during the meeting of the two countries’ foreign and defense ministers in Washington in October.

South Korea’s Vice Foreign Minister Lim Sung-nam and Deputy Minister for Defense Policy Yoo Jeh-seung headed the South Korean side with Washington being represented by US Acting Under Secretary of State for Arms Control and International Security Thomas Countryman and David Shear.

“In response to North Korea’s nuclear and missile threats, the officials reaffirmed the commitment of the US to regularly deploy US strategic assets for the defense of the Republic of Korea,” the allies said in their joint statement following the talks.

They will also “enhance such measures and identify new or additional steps to strengthen deterrence,” according to the statement.

Earlier in the year, the US dispatched multiple B-52 strategic bombers and stealth fighter jets to South Korea in a show of force after North Korea conducted two nuclear tests in the face of strong warnings by the international community.

“The US in 2016 demonstrated its commitment and resolve to the ROK by exercising extended deterrence through measures to enhance missile defense capabilities and through clear demonstration of the US nuclear triad,” the statement said, referring to the US’ nuclear-armed fighter jets, intercontinental ballistic missile and ballistic missile submarines.

Source: Qatar News Agency