United States Broaden Sanctions against Russia

Washington, The United States Treasury Department made an announcement on broadening the sanctions list against Russia in the view of the Ukrainian crisis progression.

Seven people, tens Russian organizations and entities, two vessels and nine regional units of Russian gas producer Novatek are in the US sanctions list, the Russian ministry announced.

Crimean Railway, Crimean ports and several companies located on the Islands are also in the list. The sanctions are being imposed due to the Ukrainian continuous conflict.

Moscow announced “we reserve the right of appropriate response,” to the American broadening list of sanctions.

Russian Deputy Foreign Minister Sergei Ryabkov commented “we will see how we can respond to these sanctions, and we will certainly expand our sanctions list, but we retain the right to choose the time, place and form of our responsive actions in a way that suits us.” The Russian administrator considered the American procedures illogical.” European Union extended the economic sanctions on Monday which were imposed in 2014 related to developments in Ukraine crisis. The Sanctions were extended for more six months, July 31, 2017 according to the formal decision adopted by the 28 EU member states unanimously.

Source: Qatar News Agency