Japan’s Defense Forces Spots China Aircraft Carrier

Tokyo, Japan’s Defense Ministry said its Self-Defense Forces have confirmed for the first time a Chinese aircraft carrier travelling on the high seas.

The ministry officials said a Maritime Self-Defense Force destroyer spotted the aircraft carrier Liaoning heading eastward in the East China Sea, Japan’s broadcaster (NHK World) reported Sunday.

They said the vessel was accompanied by 7 other ships including missile destroyers and a supply ship. No activities of carrier-borne fighter jets were observed at that time.

It was the first visual confirmation by Japan’s Self-Defense Forces of China’s first aircraft carrier operating at sea.

Defense Ministry officials add that they had been informed by its Chinese counterpart of the fleet’s passage.

The Chinese navy said in a statement issued that the Liaoning carrier group will conduct training in the western Pacific.

The Liaoning was rebuilt from an old aircraft carrier bought from Ukraine and was commissioned in 2012.

Source: Qatar News Agency