Ministry of Development Planning Issues Monthly Bulletin

Doha, The Ministry of Development Planning and Statistics released today its 34th edition of “Qatar; Monthly Statistics.” It is a monthly release that highlights statistics the State of Qatar recorded during November 2016.

A statement released from the ministry today to the press said that there was a high increase in the number of driving licenses issued in November 2016 on a monthly basis. A total of 20,493 driving licenses were issued during November 2016. The percentage of driving licenses issued by Qatari Male was approximately 4%, by Qatari Female was approximately 1%, by Non-Qatari Male was approximately 82% and by Non-Qatari Female was approximately 13% from the total driving licenses issued during November 2016.

Another notable stat was the decline in the consumption of electricity. It was down approximately 19% compared to October of 2016. The total electricity utilization amounted for 2,858,106 (MW/H) during November 2016. There has also been a significant decrease in water consumption during November 2016 which amounted for approximately 6.3% compared with consumption during October 2016. The total water consumption amounted for 45,563,368 (m3) during November 2016.

The demographic statistics within the bulletin showed that Qatar’s population has reached 2.6 million in October 2016, an annual increase of 8.3% as the population attained 2.4 million in October 2015, with total of 2,311 births during October 2016 and total of 188 deaths during the same period.

Traffic violations accounted for 161,353 in October 2016, with a positive monthly change amounting to 11.2% compared to September 2016.

The bulletin also highlights the number of vehicles registered in October 2016 which recorded 8,629 vehicles compared to 5,352 during September 2016, with a monthly increase amounting to 61.2%.

In regard to the number of sold properties, Al Daayen municipality has topped up municipalities as it has achieved the highest number of sold properties. A total of 210 properties were sold during October 2016, and 92 properties were sold during November 2016. The total value of properties sold in Al Daayen municipality has amounted to 537,076 thousand Qatari Riyal during October 2016 and about 963,453 thousand Qatari Riyal during November 2016.

Total broad money supply (M2) recorded about 489 Billion Riyals during the month of October 2016 showing a monthly decrease of 0.9% compared to September 2016. On the other hand, cash equivalents; includes deposits decreased by 0.3 % during October 2016 in comparison with September 2016, as it recorded about 677 Billion Riyals during October 2016. In contrast, Total broad money supply (M2) recorded a negative year-on-year change of 4.1%, while cash equivalents; includes deposits, recorded a positive year-on-year change of 7.4%.

Source: Qatar News Agency