UNICEF: Migrant Children at Risk as Extreme Cold Weather Sweeps Europe

New York, As the extreme cold weather and storms continue to sweep Central, Eastern and Southern Europe, refugee and migrant children are threatened by respiratory and other serious illnesses, according to the United Nations Children’s Fund (UNICEF).

“Without proper shelter and warm clothing, young children are in real danger because of the severe weather,” UNICEF Regional Health Advisor for Central and Eastern Europe, Basil Rodriques said in a press statement.

UNICEF pointed out that in Greece and the Balkans, an estimated 23,700 refugee and migrant children – including infants and newborns mostly from Syria, Iraq and Afghanistan – remain stranded. Many are being housed in shelters that are ill-equipped for winter, even as temperatures fall below freezing.

Some parts of Greece, especially the islands sheltering thousands of refugees in flimsy tents, have experienced heavy snowfall for the first time in years. UNICEF continues to call for refugees and migrants currently living in overcrowded and underserviced camps on the islands to be moved to more appropriate and safe accommodations on the mainland.

Source: Qatar News Agency