Saudi Mission in USA: March of Services for Thousands of Saudi Students on Scholarships

Riyadh, Sha’ban 24, 1438, May 20, 2017, SPA — The Cultural Attaché’s Center for Career Development (CCD) at the Embassy of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia in the United States of America has completed its 3rd year with the employment of more than 6000 Saudi students on Scholarships and the provision of about 4,000 consultations for a number of companies and institutions aimed at the functional skills of those students before their graduation.
The CCD has successfully communicated with the largest US and Saudi companies as well as government institutions to help the graduates in employment at more than 350 US or Saudi employers such as Boeing (21 graduates), Lockheed (10), STC (300), SABIC (more than 200) and Riyad Bank (250).
In this regard, the Center offers several alliances with employers to establish graduate training programs with companies, institutions and their affiliates that have contacts and communications with their counterparts in the United States of America to gain experience from the US working environment that would lead to direct employment in the Kingdom.
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