New documentary exposes Qatar’s plans to undermine UAE security – 2nd add

Al Suwaidi stated that many of his former “brothers” have made irresponsible and unacceptable statements about the symbols of the state in the UAE.

“That was part of a plan by the media and electronic committees within the organisation. This was also aided by contact with some advocacy groups from around the world, facilitated by certain people who live abroad. That act signalled the start of the interference in our local affairs,” he added.

“Like most of the organisation’s members, I received a 10-year prison sentence and I have already served five. It is a normal situation, and I find it bizarre when some people talk about ill-treatment, torture, beatings and abuse. That is not true. I was treated decently. In fact, I received medical treatment inside the prison, and I was once referred to a specialist hospital outside the prison and received medical treatment like other citizens. The prison food was also perfect in terms of quality, nutrition and hygiene. I do not know where this talk about bad services is coming from,” he further added.

He also dismissed reports about the authorities denying him visits by his relatives. “Any talk about depriving me of seeing my relatives or suffering torture is a sheer lie. I spent five years here and have never been exposed to such things,” Al Suwaifi stressed.

Al Suwaidi added that he and Al Jeeda spent around two years in the same prison.

“He received the same services, including cleaning, phone calls and regular visits by relatives. In fact, he was more privileged as he was visited in prison by the Ambassador of Qatar. I think this proves that all the allegations about ill-treatment are untrue,” he further added.

Al Suwaidi continued his account of the journey, which led to him “sinking in the alleys of darkness,” stating that two years before his arrest, he had moved to Qatar and worked as a supervisor of a private school.

“It is known that Muslim Brotherhood members have a special interest in education because they believe that schools are the perfect incubators for spreading their ideology among the youth, leading to their membership in the organisation when they grow up,” he added.

On the secret meeting held in his residence, he noted, “While in Qatar, I received a call from one of those convicted in the secret organisation case. He asked me to lend them my residence and I gave him the keys. Later, I learned that the reason was to use my residence as a venue for a meeting between the Qatari and Emirati brotherhood groups. I was not really surprised, because I know that the two groups have strong ties, under the ‘Gulf Co-ordination’ umbrella.”

“I came back to the UAE just three months before my arrest while other key members of the secret group started to leave, either to Qatar or other countries via Doha. Their escape was no coincidence, it was based on an emergency plan. A group like the Muslim Brotherhood will always have plans and alternatives when its leaders are arrested,” Al Suwaidi continued.

“They fled to Qatar where they received financial and moral support, including safe passage to other countries such as Turkey or the United Kingdom. What confirms Doha’s support for them is that some of them had expired passports, and there is no way that they could leave the country without assistance at the state level,” he added.

He stressed that after fleeing to Qatar, the Qatari group assisted the members of the Emirati organisation to settle there. Mahmoud Al Jeeda was in-charge of obtaining cash from the UAE for the fleeing members, he said in conclusion.

Source: Emirates News Agency