The Advisory Council has brought up the e-commerce issue in the country to the forefront again. HE Mr. Mohammed bin Abdullah Al-Sulaiti, Chairman of the Board session, presented yesterday the Cabinet’s memorandum on the Council’s recommendations on the subject.

Al-Sulaiti said that the Council discussed the e-commerce and online selling issues through a general discussion request and through raising recommendations to the esteemed government. He also pointed out that the Cabinet has shown interest in the Council’s recommendations and referred them to the competent authorities for discussion and preparation of the necessary related study.

Moreover, he added that the topic was discussed by the competent authorities of various ministries; Administrative Development, Economy and Commerce, Transport and Communications, Health, and Municipality and Environment.

Al-Sulaiti pointed out that the request for discussion of the e-commerce issue took into account the recommendations of the Qatari families whose source of living is based on selling their products online. He also stressed that the Advisory Council supports setting the necessary regulations for the online sales’ process, but at the same time, it supports the means to facilitate this process, so as not to negatively impact those families, while ensuring citizens’ health and safety, as well as consumer protection.

Source: Government of Qatar