Acting Charge D’affaires in El Salvador: Employment of Salvadoran Labor Agreement Promotes Bilateral Relations

Acting Charge Daffaires of the Qatari Embassy in El Salvador, Tariq Othman Al Othman, said that the agreement on recruiting Salvadoran labor in the State of Qatar is aimed at strengthening bilateral relations and supporting El Salvador in providing employment opportunities for young people in Qatar, on the basis of employment requests submitted by Qatari companies.

In an interview with Salvadorian government Channel 10, Al Othman said that the selection of Salvadorians labor will be effective once the legislative measures are agreed upon between the two governments, and the requests of Qatari companies for the recruitment of Salvadoran labor are ready, noting that the conditions for the selection of workers are exemplified in competence and qualified labor. In addition, applicants’ records will be checked. Al Othman stated that the State of Qatar is currently witnessing a major architectural boom and is in need for qualified labor.

Al Othman said that Qatar is working to provide all suitable conditions for labor, and to implement the highest international standards in the field of expatriate labor welfare, in accordance with Qatar National Vision 2030.

Qatar National Vision 2030 puts the conditions of workers inside the State at the forefront of concerns, noting the issuance of three important laws during the past year which achieve social and family protection of workers, allow free healthcare, provide housing for workers in the Labor City, and ensure the freedom to practice religious beliefs.

Regarding the impact of the blockade on workers, the Acting Charg D’affaires said that since the beginning of the blockade, foreign workers in the State of Qatar had not face any significant problem, due to the legislation and laws provided by the State.

Al Othman pointed out that the unjust blockade on the State of Qatar had a positive impact, as it pushed Qataris to rely on themselves. He further added that Qatar has developed its light domestic industries covering the local needs during the crisis, and has overcome the blockade through domestic investment as well as the investment in several countries to fill their needs.

On the response of international organizations such as the International Court of Justice (ICJ), Al Othman explained that the ICJ said in a provisional order that the UAE must immediately reunite families and allow students previously residing there to continue their studies if they wanted or to get their academic records.

Al Othman added that all human rights organizations condemned the unjust blockade on the State of Qatar, including Amnesty International which noted in a report that the blockade cut the society fabric in the Gulf Arab States and damaged families and individuals.

He said that in less than a year, Qatar has succeed to overcome the crisis economically, but the crisis has torn families apart because of the severe restrictions imposed by the siege countries on the relations with Qatar as part of the political conflict.

On Qatar’s preparations to host the FIFA World Cup 2022, Al Othman said that the State of Qatar is working on the construction and development of many sports and service facilities, and various projects that will provide all the requirements to ensure the organization of a dazzling and unique World Cup.

Al Othman stressed that the blockade did not affect the progress of work in the World Cup projects, where the committees were able to provide alternatives at a remarkable speed.

Source: Ministry of Foreign Affairs