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Kohonjin Cosmetics as a Masterpiece, Sought First by Europe

Cream, skin essence, and mask pack with high concentration of ingredients and excellent absorption capability gain popularity overall.

SEOUL, South Korea, Dec. 14, 2018 /PRNewswire/ — Popularity of K-beauty is nothing new at this point. With outstanding technology and quality, Korean cosmetic products are gaining popularity all over the world.

Kohonjin Cosmetics as a Masterpiece

On top of this, Kohonjin cosmetics has been receiving calls steadily from other nations with major cosmetic brand products like Denmark, Swiss, and Finland, raising K-beauty’s status. Europeans like to tan their skin, but due to their pale skin, there is much concern for freckles and blemishes. As a result, they tend to prefer products that prevent blemishes, and this is how Kohonjin cosmetic products with high nutrition and moisturization that entail dual cosmetic benefits of wrinkles and whitening improvement have captured Europeans’ hearts.

The growing popularity of Kohonjin in Europe, home of cosmetics, is a significant step as many famous luxury cosmetic brands have failed to expand their markets to Europe because Europeans have developed high expectations with their own beauty brands and would not try the luxury cosmetic products that are renowned all around the world.

“The fact that Kohonjin is becoming popular in Europe is a good example of how much Europeans love beauty and only judge based on products’ quality,” shared personnel from Kohonjin Republic, “Kohonjin’s technology which has been developed over a long period of research and how its quality endlessly continues to improve have worked.”

Above all, Kohonjin Republic Co., Ltd. focuses on two areas: high concentration of ingredients and absorption capability. Good products coming from good ingredients is a basic idea, and no matter how good ingredients may be, there is no use for that cosmetic product if absorption capability is poor.

Kohonjin contains high concentration of low irritating extracts of fermented oriental medicinal herbs like 8 types of mushrooms, Jaungo extracts, RG3, and Compound-K in addition to premium ingredients like lotus water and gold silkworm, enhancing wrinkles and whitening improvement.

Also, through years of research, it has successfully developed a technology maximizing absorption capability of ingredients and enabled in-depth penetration to the subcutaneous level through its optimal combination of ingredients in the format of atomized particles.

Currently, Kohonjin cosmetic products launched a diverse product lineup including nutritional cream, skin essence, and a mask pack. Especially the mask pack, which has been winning popularity due to its quick absorption of active ingredients, they are moisturizing and nourishing to skin, and efficacy on dry skin.

Kohonjin Republic Co., Ltd. personnel stated that, “Quality is the key to cosmetic products. Through our monthly product sampling and one-on-one customer management, we strive to enhance absorption capability and make even better products.” He also shared the company’s determination by adding that, “As a representative K-beauty brand that has settled in the home of cosmetics, Europe, we will grant healthy beauty to a lot more customers from now on.”

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