Ishak calls for quick cabinet formation, says economic situation no longer tolerable

“Strong Republic” Parliamentary Bloc Member, MP Joseph Ishak, stressed Saturday the “need to fortify the internal scene by forming a government as soon as possible to stay away from external conflicts, especially that the economic situation is no longer tolerable.”

In an interview to “Radio Free Lebanon” this morning, Ishak indicated that “the Consultative Gathering’s requests were incorrect, and we have to form a government to rescue the economic situation and benefit from the Cedar Conference, and to put an end to corruption and waste from within the government.”

“Lebanon must adopt a self-sufficiency policy,” he added, pointing out that “the Lebanese army performs the tasks of defending Lebanon and we must abide by Resolution #1701 and fortify ourselves, along with confronting any violation of Lebanon’s sovereignty from the Israeli side or any other.”

Responding to a question, Ishak considered that the Syrian regime is too weak to control the situation in Lebanon, saying, “Things cannot go back to before 2005, and we are in a much better political-security situation than in the 1990s.”

In response to another question, MP Ishak referred to “an attempt to fabricate dossiers to target the Lebanese Forces Party, the first being the fierce campaign against the Ministry of Health.”

Source: National News Agency