94% Digital Access Rate for e-Government Websites

The Assistive Technology Center (Mada) of the Ministry of Transport and Communications, affirmed that the rate of digital access to e-government websites in Qatar reached 94% in 2018, according to the results of the monitoring and measurement tool in the center, noting that 46 websites were evaluated for digital access last year. Also, Mada center has granted Digital Access Accreditation to nine websites and e-applications, where these websites are accessible by persons with disabilities, and able to support independent living for persons with disabilities and the elderly.

This is considering as a high percentage compared to the time frame for the launch of the Digital Access Program, and the policy ease of digital and web accessibility. In 2017, the Center has launched an integrated program labeled ” Websites Digital Access”, which aims to support accessibility to government websites and capacity-building, and is supervised by experts specialized in this field, where the services are provided for evaluation of websites, development of solutions, consultancy and training of employees and developers. The program extends throughout the year through coordination and cooperation with government entities in the country.

Source: Government of Qatar