Seizing Violations in the Field of Industrial Inspection

The Industrial Inspection and Contamination Control Department of the Ministry of Municipality and Environment carried out inspection campaigns on many factories in the country. Several environmental violations have been monitored and necessary procedures have been taken in order to rectify their conditions pursuant to the Decree Law No. (30) of 2002 on the Protection of the Environment.

Examples of monitored violations include the emission of odors and vapors from a facility, expired permits, and an unlicensed unit in the Facility Operating Permit. The owner of the facility has been directed to necessarily rectify the conditions in accordance with the Law of the Protection of the Environment. Chimneys equipped with filters have been constructed in order to control the emissions. The unlicensed unit has been removed and the Operation Permit has been renewed for the company after meeting all requirements. The Department Units monitored large quantities of wastes which have been illegally stored. A violation has been issued to the company owner through judicial officers while all activities have been suspended and all wastes have been removed.

Source: Ministry of Municipality and Environment