QOC Celebrates International Day for Challenge

DOHA, The Qatar Olympic Committee (QOC) celebrated the seventh edition of the International Day for Challenge 2019, held annually under the umbrella of TAFISA – The Association For International Sport for All.

The committee organized the event at the Al Tamakon School, with the participation of a large number of students of the school, where the events included various sports activities in addition to a lecture on health education presented by the Qatar Cancer Society.

Supervisor of the event Afra Al Sada said the International Day for Challenge is part of TAFISA’s activities. The event aims to raise awareness about sport and the importance of its practice to improve public health, she said.

She added that QOC has decided to grant those with special needs the chance to participate in this year’s International Day for Challenge. She praised the great interaction of the students of Al Tamakon School with the events, which contributed to achieving the desired objectives in raising awareness about the importance of sport. She thanked the school for its cooperation with QOC in celebrating the International Day for Challenge.

Advisor and acting principal of Al Tamakon School Nidal Abdel Qader said organizing the event at the school in cooperation with QOC comes in the context of the school’s mission to promote the integration of people with special needs and cooperation with various institutions in the country. He praised QOC’s keenness to organize the annual International Day for Challenge, under the umbrella of TAFISA, to highlight the importance of sport to all segments of society, including the special needs category.

Source: Qatar Olympic Committee