Municipality continues to clear abandoned vehicles, equipment

The Ministry of Municipality and Environment (MME) yesterday continued with its campaign to remove abandoned vehicles from the Old Airport Area in co-operation with the Committee for Removing Abandoned Vehicles.

A large number of such vehicles were removed by using equipment from the above-mentioned MME department, Internal Security Force (Lekhwiya) and Traffic Department, the ministry said in a statement.

The campaign started by reviewing the data of abandoned vehicles, on which warning stickers had been pasted earlier by Jamal al-Ishaq, inspector from the general control section of the municipality.

The campaign team then inspected the vehicles and their registration status before removing them under the supervision of Mubarak Imam from the transportation section at the Mechanical Equipment Department, the statement noted.

All the vehicles removed during the campaign are being kept at a yard designated for the purpose in the Al Mashaf area.

All data pertaining to the vehicles kept there are registered alongside their status.

The vehicles would be kept there until their owners arrived to claim them, having completed the necessary procedures and paid the stipulated fine of QR1,000 to the municipality in addition to the transportation cost of QR500 for light vehicles, QR800 for heavy vehicles and QR2,000 for equipment.

In case the owner of any such vehicle does not claim it within six months of the vehicle being impounded, the necessary procedures to cancel the vehicle would be carried out in co-operation with the Traffic Department.

Eventually, such unclaimed vehicles would be offered in a public auction to be recycled by a company specialising in the field, the MME said.

The campaign was launched on Sunday, when some 50 vehicles were removed from the Old Airport area.

Source: Ministry of Municipality and Environment