60 abandoned vehicles removed from Old Airport area

The Ministry of Municipality and Environment?s (MME) Mechanical Equipment Department has completed the shifting of all abandoned vehicles that had been removed so far from the Old Airport Area, as part of an ongoing campaign, to the Al Mashaf yard.

The campaign to remove abandoned vehicles from across Doha city has so far seen the removal 60 such vehicles from the Old Airport Area over the past few days. The drive will continue today to remove some 50 more abandoned vehicles from the western part of the area and move them to Al Mashaf. Doha Municipality is conducting the campaign in co-operation with the Mechanical Equipment Department and the Committee for Removing Abandoned Vehicles, with the help of equipment from the said MME department, Internal Security Force (Lekhwiya) and Traff ic Department. The pictures highlight the areas from where abandoned vehicles have been removed, before and after the drive.

Source: Ministry of Municipality and Environment