Turning the tide for turtles at Fuwairit beach

The Ministry of Municipality and Environment (MME)?s Environmental Protection and Wildlife Department, in co-operation with the Public Relations Department, conducted an event at Fuwairit beach on Friday evening to raise awareness about the endangered Hawksbill turtles. The event coincided with the hatching season of the turtles.

The event was attended by Omar Salim al-Nuaimi, director of the Environmental Protection and Wildlife Department; Nasser Abdulrahman al-Sarami, director of the Public Relations Department; and Ali Saleh al-Marri, head of the Wildlife Section, in addition to a number of MME employee and the participating public.

Al-Nuaimi said the MME was keen to organise the awareness event during the hatching season of the turtles and release newly hatched turtles to the sea before the public, in addition to informing them about the importance of maintaining biological diversity and marine life in Qatar.

He stressed the importance of the project and the need to protect these endangered species. He also appreciated the considerable public presence at the event and the participation of children in the release of turtles into the sea.

The event included a presentation introducing the public to the hatching season with the aim of protecting the endangered turtles, where a detailed explanation of the project was given.

In addition, awareness brochures and flyers were distributed among the public and a field visit was also conducted to give the participants an opportunity to watch the release of newly hatched turtles into the sea.

The project comes within the framework of the efforts undertaken to protect sea turtles under the supervision of the MME, financed by Qatar Petroleum and implemented by Qatar University in co-operation with a team from the Environmental Protection and Wildlife Department.

Source: Ministry of Municipality and Environment