MME event raises awareness about protecting endangered species

The Environment and Wildlife Protection Department at the Ministry of Municipality and Environment has organised an event to raise awareness about the importance of the Convention on International Trade in Endangered Species of Wild Fauna and Flora (CITES).

At the event, the objectives and contribution of CITES towards the protection of endangered species was explained.

Director of Protection and Wildlife Department Omar Salem al-Nuaimi said the event is part of the ministry’s efforts to implement its commitment to CITES, by ensuring that its employees and the ports concerned with the control and entry into the country of endangered species are provided with the necessary information to combat illicit trade and focus on the implementation of CITES.

He added that during the event they reviewed the mechanism and method of work of the national plan of Qatar to combat illegal trade in ivory and explain its implementation with the authorities concerned.

During the event, a presentation was made on some ancient extinct wild species, as well as the current extinct animals which are included in the convention. Specimens of endangered wildlife species, types and forms of ivory were put on display and Qatar’s National Plan related to protection of endangered species were discussed.

Source: Ministry of Municipality and Environment