Opening an entrance to Umm Slal Ali from Al Majd Road

The Public Works Authority ‘Ashghal’ announces that it has recently opened an entrance to Umm Slal Ali directly from Al Majd Road, 900 meters west of Al Mazrouah Interchange, to improve traffic movement in Al Sakhama, Umm Ebairiya, and Umm Al Amad as well as facilitate access to Umm Slal Ali.

Eng. Ali Ibrahim Ashkanani, Head of Northern Areas Section at the Road Projects Department at Ashghal, said that a two-kilometer road directly connected to Al Majd Road was constructed to provide a main entrance to Umm Slal Ali area which significantly contributes in reducing the travel time to it and in decreasing traffic congestion created in Al Sakahama Interchange and Umm Al Amad Bridge after full opening of Al Majd Road; additionally a new road of reinforced concrete pavement was built to serve the water filling stations of Umm Slal Ali and prevent the circulation of tankers in the area’s local roads.

He also highlighted that Ashghal has conducted thorough studying of all the solutions available in response to demands of residents and visitors of Umm Slal Ali area, taking into consideration road safety, to finally provide an independent and direct access to the area west of Al Mazrouah Interchange on Al Majd Road which has facilitated access to Umm Slal Ali and diverted part of its traffic from Al Sakhama Interchange to the newly opened entrance road.

He explained that the new entrance serves an important number of vehicles which commute on the road on a daily basis considering its proximity to vital and densely populated residential areas and its role in facilitating transport to several sports and educational institutions, health, administrative and service facilities and commercial centers as well as its role in improving the traffic movement in surrounding congested areas.

Source: Ashghal