Smartec conference opens in Bahrain

Manama, A two-day key conference focused on cyber-security has opened today at the Gulf Hotel in Bahrain.

The Bahrain Technology Companies society (BTECH) is organizing the conference under the (Smartec) conference under the patronage of Electricity and Water Minister Dr. Abdul Hussein bin Ali Mirza.

The conference is being attended by a large number heads of companies and cyber security companies, along with more than 200 participants from Bahrain and abroad.

Addressing the opening session. Dr. Mirza welcomed the participants and thanked the organizers, keynote speakers and sponsors of the second edition of the Smartec conference.

He stressed the Government’s keenness on bolstering cyber security, establishing the High Committee for Information Technology and Telecommunications, chaired by Deputy Prime Minister Shaikh Mohammed bin Mubarak Al-Khalifa.

He highlighted the crucial role of the Information and Electronic Government Authority (iGA) which launched several initiatives and workshops and held meetings to highlight cyber threats.

The iGA thwarted over 5 million malwares, 2.7 million emails and reported more than 50 million attempts to infiltrate database, which represent huge numbers for a small country like Bahrain, said the minister.

Source: Bahrain News Agency