HRH Premier issues Edict 19 for 2019

Manama: His Royal Highness Prince Khalifa bin Salman Al Khalifa the Prime Minister issued Edict 19/2019 establishing the National Committee for Information and Population.

The edict establishes the committee presided by Cabinet Affairs Minister, with representative members of the following governmental entities:

1-HRH Prime Minister’s Court.

2- First Deputy Prime Minister (FDPM) Office.

3-Cabinet’s General Secretariat.

4-Ministry of Finance and National Economy.

5- Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

6-Ministry of Interior.

7-Ministry of Education.

8- Ministry of Industry, Commerce and Tourism.

9-Ministry of Health.

10-Ministry of Housing.

11-Ministry of Works, Municipalities and Urban Planning Affairs.

12-Ministry of Justice, Islamic Affairs and Endowments.

13-Ministry of Labour and Social Development.

14-Ministry of Transportation and Telecommunications.

15-Ministry of Youth and Sports Affairs.

16-National Oil and Gas Authority.

17-Electricity and Water Authority.

18-Economic Development Board.

19-Central Bank of Bahrain.

20-Information and e-Government Authority.

21-Supreme Council of Women.

22-Supreme Council for Environment.

23-Civil Service Bureau.

24-Survey and Land Registration Bureau.

Their membership term will be two years and if any member’s seat becomes vacant for whatsoever reason, it will be replaced upon nomination by the same entity, to complete the period of his/her predecessor.

The members will be named by the Cabinet Affairs Minister, after they were nominated by their respective governmental entities. The rank of a representative member must be not less than the rank of an assistant undersecretary.

The committee shall have its rapporteur who prepares for its meetings and edits its minutes of meetings as well as follow up the implementation of its decisions.

The committee shall follow up the implementation of Sustainable Development Goals 2030 correlated with the Government Action Plan.

In order to achieve its objectives, the committee shall carry out the following tasks:

1-Suggest national policy for population.

2- Ensure updating and correctness of information and data pertaining to all national indexes and information as well as SDGs and their indexes, including population- related programs and setting mechanisms for that purpose.

3- Endorse all information and national reports and official statements and determine the official entities responsible for their production before providing them to international organizations.

4-Ensure governmental entities commitment to update all the relevant information and national statistics pertaining to the SDGs and their indexes as well as any relevant indexes pertaining to the database of the Informatics and e-Government Authority.

5-Set the proper procedures to regulate the exchange of information between governmental bodies.

6- Audit and assess the performance of the database to improve the quality of incoming information.

7- Cooperate with regional and international agencies and organizations concerned with SDGs and population issues.

The committee meets at least once quarterly upon invitation of its president at the specified time and venue, the quorum for the meeting will be the majority of its members. The committee will issue its decisions and recommendations by the majority of attending members, and whenever the vote is equal (in case of a tie) the side of the chairman where the chairman of the meeting outweighs (breaks the tie). The committee may form subcommittees from its members or others in order to follow up and study certain matters concerning its activities.

The committee may seek assistance from experts and specialists and invite them to attend its meetings or the meetings of its subcommittees to discuss and hear their opinion or to provide the committee or subcommittees with the information it deems essential to carry out its jurisdictions, without giving them the right to vote.

This Edict rescinds Edict 1/2006 regarding the establishment and formation of the National Committee for Population. It also rescinds Edict 21/2015 regarding establishment of the National Committee for Information.

The Minister of Cabinet Affairs and the ministers and respective entities have been tasked to implement the provisions of this Edict, which becomes effective from the next day after its publication in the Official Gazette.

Source: Bahrain News Agency