Egyptian Government bans Al-Jazeera at hotels

Cairo, The Egyptian Government has today banned Qatari “Al-Jazeera” TV channel at hotels. It issued directives to all hotels to comply with the ban imposed on the Qatari channel because of its hostile stances against Egypt.

The decision was in response to the call made by Bahrain Journalists Association (BJA) President Ahdeya Ahmed during an interview aired by Egypt Al-Mehwer TV channel. She said that “Al-Jazeera” is available as part of the bouquet of channels at hotels despite its hostile stances against Egypt and incitement on protests and acts of sabotage.

In a statement to Bahrain News Agency (BNA), she said that the Egyptian Government had announced its decision less than 48 hours after she made the call through the Egyptian media. BJA president is in Egypt to attend the meeting of the liberties committee, which is an offshoot of the Arab Journalists’ Union. She said that the Qatari channel uses fabricated video films showing fake protests and marches in streets in Egypt. “The Qatari channel takes systematic stances to serve an agenda which is hostile to Egypt and the Kingdom of Bahrain”, she said.

She urged solidarity to stave off all attempts to sow strife and drive wedges between people, saying that it’s unacceptable that visitors and tourists watch such fabricated videos during their stay at the hotel. She called upon all countries targeted by the Qatari channel to take a similar stance.

Source: Bahrain News Agency